Pet Dog Survives Four Months Lost At Sea Off Australia

A dog from Australia was lost four months ago in dangerous waters and she was spotted in an island after four months, where she lived on wild goats.

The cattle dog, Sophie Tucker, fell off the board during turbulent weathers in the Queensland Coast. The owners Jane and Dave, were holidaying on a sail when the incident happened.

Sophie expressed her distress saying “We hit a rough patch and when we turned around the dog was gone. We were able to back track to look for her, but because it was a grey day, we just couldn’t find her and we searched for well over an hour. We thought that once she had hit the water she would have been gone because the wake from the boat was so big.”

However, Sophie made it by swimming five nautical miles in the storm and was found in St Bees Island, where she hunted down wild baby goats for food and was later spotted by rangers in the island.

But Sophie was wild and vicious when they found her and the vets from Australia opine her survival as miraculous. However, the owners were delighted and the others were surprised that a cattle dog could survive in such extreme hardships.