With 2 Seconds Left, Player Passed Ball To WRONG TEAM. And He’s A Hero For It

Sports are incredibly fierce and competitive, especially on amongst young high school students aiming to prove their worth. Yet one Colorado based basketball team and their opponents flipped the serotype for a day and produce a truly heart-warming moment.
Mitchell Marcus helps to manage the high school team in question, working as a team manager. Mitchell who mental disabilities, remains a beloved member of the team, with head coach Peter Morales admitting just how much he enjoys working alongside him.

As one of the member of the team, Mitchell regularly helps to motivate and inspire his fellow teammates, sharing a close bond with all of them. This is why for the last game of the season against Franklin High School; Mitchell would get his moment to shine for the team.
So for the final few minutes of the game, Mitchell was subbed on and started to play the sport he has loved his entire life. Understandably he was struggling to score a basket and live one of his dreams, even with plenty of encouragement from the fans.
Then a moment of sheer brilliance followed, with one member of the opposite team making the ultimate gesture towards Mitchell. Have a look and see for yourself – it’s great to see fantastic moments of kindness such as these!