Parthenon built by an artist using 100,000 banned books at a historic Nazi book burning site

Marta Minujin, a 74-year-old artist from Argentina has come up with a replica of the classic monument of the Greek Parthenon and has built it using 100,000 copies of banned books. As per the artist, this was done in a bid to resist the political repression.

A part of the Documenta 14 art festival, The Parthenon of Books is in Kassel, Germany. Marta compiled a list of 170 titles from all over the world that were banned in different countries and came up with a full-size replica of the iconic temple using all the materials.

However, one of the most controversial books from Germany, Mein Kampf, is not a part of this project, as Nazis were extreme censors of the books. This work by Marta is at the same site where Nazis had burnt 2,000 books back in 1933 due to their extreme censorship. People back then had commented that at places where books are burnt, there are high chances that people are burnt as well. No prizes for guessing what happened in Germany after that!

parthenon-books-marta-minujin-germanyRoman März