6 Years Ago, He Was Paralyzed. Now? He Can Play Guitar…This Is Amazing!


Ian Burkhart, who was on an outing with his friends six years ago, never imagined that the outing would prove to be major disaster. When he took a dive in the shallow water, he damaged his spinal cord and was paralyzed from below the chest and he had very limited control on his arms too. However, now, when Ian Burkhart is 24, surprisingly is able to play guitar, which he never thought would be possible for him.

However, there was a sudden change.

Scientists came up with a new chip which was inserted into his brain and this enabled him to have motion in his right hand.

Burkhart also said that he never thought he would be able to move his hand ever again.

The duty of the implant is to trace the signal from the brain to a computer which decodes it. On decoding of the signals sent, the computer stimulates the muscles accordingly and thus, movement is made possible.

All of these processes happen within a tenth of a second!

As per researchers from the Ohio State University, this is a breakthrough and it was only back in 2012 that a woman was able to move her arm using robotic control from her thoughts and now, they are also able to control the limbs.

Burkhart is all excited about the new technology that has enabled him to move his hand and the scientists are also excited about this technology, as it could relieve people from paralysis.