Look at these dog playing cards and we are sure you would not have come across illustrations like these!

When there are so many dog lovers out there, we would also want more of dog-themed playing cards: be it for any game including magic cards, solitaire, poker etc. If you are a dog lover, you would always be in appreciation of these types of cards. This brand of cards is known as ‘Pack of Dogs’ and is the latest creation by an artist from San Francisco, John Littleboy, who is the owner of an online playing cards shop called Artiphany. This concept is based on how the imagination of an artist can change things at multiple levels. Littleboy has specialized in these types of paintings since the past 8 years and he also sells cheeky greeting cards that are sorted based on the animal and different types of occasions.

Scroll down to have a look at the different designs that are made available by John Littleboy. Why don’t you go grab a pack of dog playing cards for yourself? Feel free to check out the other options available by John Littleboy!

More info: Artiphany