Police Sent A Diver To The Bottom Of This Lake, And What He Found Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

Although many people are uncomfortable with the presence of water bodies around them, most of them would be freaked out with the thought of how it will be deep underwater with no light visible. That said, if you think about going underwater in the night, it is one of the creepiest things to do!
Now, look at this video and you will actually be shocked as you might never have seen it before.

The video starts as a regular police investigation of a lake!


When the diver goes down, he finds cinder blocks with chains tied.


Then they see that there was a body supposed to be tied to a chain, but why is there no body?


And the answer will surely freak you out!

I swear I actually jumped out of my seat at the end. Even thought this turned out to be a short film, it’s probably going to keep me awake for the next month.

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