Never Before Seen Photos Of Old Dublin In The Early 20th Century

Sackville Street

A woman cladded in the white dress is walking down in the famous O’Connell Street of Dublin. The street was known as Sackville at the time when this photograph was captured. It was named after Lionel Sackville- the first Duke of Dorset

Old Dublin

Upper O’Connell Street

This is a famous street in Dublin of 1900s. It was named after a nationalist leader of Germany – Daniel O’Connell in 1924. At the end of this street, a statue built in honor of Daniel can be seen.

Old Dublin

 O’Connell Bridge

O’Connell Bridge walks through the River Liffey in Dublin and connects O’Connell street to D’Olier Street, Westmoreland, and the South Quays.

Old Dublin

St. Vincent’s Hospital

This is St. Vincent Hospital near St. Stephan Green in Dublin and an Irish woman is passing by it. Behind it is the tower of  Catholic University of Ireland

Old Dublin

Shelbourne Hotel

This is the Shelbourne Hotel and a man is driving an antique automobile in front of it. This hotel was founded in 1824. It has historical significance as well because in its Room No. 12. Irish constitution was drafted.

Old Dublin

 Nassau, Grafton And Suffolk Streets

This is junction of Nassau, Grafton, and Suffolk streets. Men and women are converging at this junction. THis juunction is famous as Famous Irish writer James Joyce found his love Nora Barnacle here.

Old Dublin

Grafton Street

This is Graftion street and two women are passing by it. THis street is  still one of the top shopping mall in Dublin.

Old Dublin

Shopping Center

Two women are walking thhrough Grafton street in Dublin – a street named after Henry FitzRoy who was the first Dule of Grafton. His another identification is that he was the illegitimate son of Charles II of England.

Old Dublin

Leinster House

The Dil Chamber in the Leinster House, a complex that holds the Oireachtas, or the parliament of the Republic of Ireland.

Old Dublin

 The Gates At Leinster

A lady leaves the entryways at Leinster House on Kildare Street.

Old Dublin

 Queen Victoria Statue

A Queen Victoria statue on the Leinster garden. Initially, the house was the castle of the Dukes of Leinster.


 A Funeral Procession

A burial service parade advances down Blessington Street in Dublin.


 S.S. Scotia

The S.S. Scotia docked. The oar steamer traveler vessel was manufactured by the British yet conveyed travelers between Kingstown, Howth, and Holyhead.

Old Dublin