Elaborate Bronze Memorial Dedicated to Staten Island Ferry Octopus Attack Tricks Tourists


Are you someone who loves pulling a joke over on all of the people of you, watching them look around in confusion as they try to figure out exactly what it is that is going on?  If so, then you’ve come to the right place.  The monument in this photo looks legitimate to you, right?  It’s the right colours, it’s got the right construction and the right look to make it appear as legitimate as all of the other things around it.  The only difference between this one and all of its counter parts is that it is totally made up.

The disaster that it references never happened (as you may have been able to guess) and the date was the ever popular JFK assassination.  This is a totally fake monument that survived for quite a while before the authorities caught on that it was in place.




Facebook (via Hi-Fructose)