The Obelisk Tomb: Rock-Carved Tomb with Four Obelisks as Tombstones

The Obelisk Tomb is a Nabatean structure consisting of four pyramidal obelisks, built as funerary symbols in the 1st century BC in Petra, Jordan. That is, these four obelisks and the eroded human figure on the façade, probably stand for the five people buried in the tomb. This tomb is actually one of several examples of its kind in Petra. It is called a triclinium (dining room) because it was where annual feasts took place to commemorate the dead.

Obelisk Tomb/ Bab Al Siq Triclinium

At first glance, the obelisk tomb appears to be multistorey. It is because Nabateans built the tomb on top of a much earlier structure with a Doric columned façade. The façade of the tomb measures 15.98 m in width and 12.3 m in height. As for the interior, there are two stories as the triclinium interior and the upper burial chamber, and the access stairs connect them. The triclinium interior is a dining hall with three benches for the banquets. The upper burial chamber is a squarish room measuring 5.91 m in width by 5.69 m in length, and 3.95 m in height. It consists of five burial niches for, according to the Greek inscription, the members of the Abdomanchos family.

Obelisk Tomb/ Bab Al Siq Triclinium
Obelisk Tomb/ Bab Al Siq Triclinium
Obelisk Tomb/ Bab Al Siq Triclinium