This Amazing Rooftop Cottage In New York City Is Something You Would Dream Of! And Guess What? It Is Up For Sale!

Have you ever watched Hansel and Gretel and wondered that you would want to stay in a similar house? However, you would not be ready to go live in the forest. Instead, there is a splendid offering in East Village of New York that would probably be the closest to it and the best part is that, it is also on sale!

This building is based in 72, E. First Street and has a rich history associated with it. It was purchased back in 1868 by the Dutch East India Company by a renowned Landowner.

However, it was in a bad condition until 1980, till the time Henry Merwin Shrady, a sculptor and artist purchased it. He renovated the building and retained the upper floors for his family.

Shrady’s son was living in this property when he was at college. Ever since he passed out 15 years ago, the place has been rented out to a tenant. It offers splendid views of lush greenery and the amazing sea in the vicinity. It is available for a price tag of $3.5 million. Are you planning to buy this?