‘Mom’ Cat Found Nurturing Abandoned Kittens Isn’t Actually A Mother At All

Rescuers found a couple of kittens with an older cat lying next to them and helping to keep the kittens warm in the cold, which is thought to be their mother, in a trash can on the pavement.

A man found them on the way home and called Homeless Animal Adoption League, a rescue team in Bloomfield New Jersey, right away. He was afraid that kittens would die since the weather was so cold and rainy.

It is thought that someone put those kittens there, though the real story is unknown.

When rescuers found the kittens, the mom cat flashed a glance almost like it was waiting to be found and saved.

Wrapping them with a blanket, the rescuers take them to the shelter. Luckily, the kittens were all healthy. However, despite the first idea of the kittens were 4, they found 6 kittens when they arrived to the shelter. In addition, the that surprise, they realized something more:

The mom cat was a “he”! A male cat was looking after the kittens!

The relationship of them is not known; the male cat can be their dad, brother or just another cat with no relation with the kittens. However, for the rescuers, he is their “mom”, since he helped them work the night out.

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Posted by Homeless Animal Adoption League on Sunday, December 18, 2016