30 Cringey Examples Of ‘Nice Girls’ Who Are Totally Toxic

The r/Nicegirls subreddit is a place dedicated to sharing ‘nice girls’ who believe they’re entitled to ‘perfect’ partners with fake ‘niceness’.

1. Something That Every Nice Girl Must Hear

cringey girls

2. What A Sweetheart

3. We All Have Boyfriends

4. But Why? Smh Entitled Queens Lol

5. Half Way

6. The Cat Isn’t What He Should Be Getting Rid Of

7. I Went On One Date With This Girl And She Spent The Whole Time On Her Phone Drinking Coffee I Bought Her

8. Back Off Girl


9. A Message To All Nice Girls Who Might Have A Screw Loose

cringey girls

10. I Feel Like Me Sleeping Is Causing Riots