Crayola Release New Crayon to Celebrate Discovery of New Blue Pigment

After he and a student accidentally discovered a new blue pigment, chemist and university professor Mas Subramanian couldn’t quite believe his luck, and now his discovery has led to the unthinkable – a brand colour of Crayola crayon!

Crayola will release a new blue based on Oregon State’s new colour YInMin

YlnMn blue is a vibrant hue of blue that is the first new colour of blue to be discovered in over 200 years, so it makes sense that this would lead to a brand-new Crayola. And while the fantastic colour has clearly inspired the new crayon colour, the properties of the colour have actually made it even more suitable.

YInMn Blue Credit: Oregon State University

Known as a ‘durable colour’, the blue doesn’t get affected by water or temperature change, allowing it to remain vibrant without fading.

The colour was discovered by accident, when Subramanian and one of his students combined indium, yttrium, and heated manganese oxide. The resulting combination produced the incredible shade of blue, something that greatly excited Subramanian upon the discovery.

Prof Mas Subramanium Credit: Oregon State University

“It was serendipity, or a happy accident, because we weren’t looking for it,” he explains. “Most of the science discoveries come from an unexpected place.”

You should be able to find crayons with this dazzling blue come the end of the year, and by then it will be sporting a new name, with Crayola hosting a competition for the honour of naming this amazing new blue.

(via Hyperallergic)