What If The Moon Was Replaced By Other Planets In The Solar System?

Have you ever wondered what our sky would look like if other planets in our solar system were closer?

Well, regardless of whether you’ve thought about it before, today you know how that world might look.

The folks over at Yeti Dynamics have created this great video replacing our moon with some of our celestial neighbors.


From the group’s YouTube page:

“This is a visualization of what it might be like if the moon was replaced with some of the other planets at the same distance as our moon.

“In order: Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn.

“Mercury is intentionally left off as it isn’t much bigger than our moon (and hence is boring).

“Everything is correctly scaled. The axial tilts are not particularly accurate.

“The moon that flies in front of Saturn is Tethys. It is tiny, but *very* close.

“Dione would be on a collision course [with Earth]. It’s orbital distance from Saturn is nearly identical to our moon’s orbit around Earth.

“Titan, which is larger than our moon, is outside the orbit of Dione.”

Watch the awesome video below: