The Awesome Illustration Of How Disney Princess Would Look If They Live In 2017

In the past few years, we have seen several reimagined ‘modern’ versions of the Disney princesses we grew up admiring. This latest interpretation which was given by Fernanda Suarez (a Chilean digital artist) may be the fairest of all.

Although he started in July with a Snow White, he has now gone to show seven classic princesses in hip, present day fashion. These show look like they follow Luxy Hair tutorial on YouTube and also shoped for clothes at Forever 21. They likely posted selfies with their ‘princess’ on instagram and all agreed that the best eyeshadow palette is NAKED2. They likewise campaign a non-stop on social media for the equal rights of dwarf, big cat conservation as well as marine wildlife.

If you cannot find your favorite princess here, Suarez is probably working on the series and is also taking vote on the next person to design (Merida and Rapunzel are both tied for first for now). To see the incredible work she has done, scroll down and let us know your opinion on the modern princess you would love to have a venti latte with.

1. Mulan

2. Belle

3. Jasmine

4. Ariel

5. Pocahontas

6. Snow White

7. Cinderella