Prosthetic Limbs Come As A Boon To This Pony Who Lost Her Limbs After A Birth Accident!

Angel Marie is a cute three-legged pony who lost her leg when she was born as her mother had stepped on her leg, as a result of which, she had to lead the life of an amputee. Then entered Dr. Derrick Campana, who helped Angel Marie walk properly by giving her a prosthetic limb!

He is a certified orthotist who had started making bionic legs for humans but then switched to helping animals with legs and started working at the Animal Ortho Care in Sterling, Virginia. He was extremely happy to see Angel Marie walk on her legs and the owner of Angel Marie, Lennie Green is also delighted with this new development.

Meet Angel Marie, the three-legged pony who lost her leg after her mother stepped on the little horse


This happened shortly after Angel Marie’s birth and the tiny horse had to learn to live like an amputee…


Until Derrick Campana, aka Virginia’s Dr Doolittle stepped in providing the pony with a prosthetic leg


“Seeing her walk, and having her here today walking is just a dream come true. A miracle”

mini-horse-amputee-prosthetic-legAnimal Ortho Care | Facebook (h/t: aolnews)