18 Mind-Boggling Photos That Made Us Look More Than Twice

1. Perfectly placed light and shadow. Taken at Royal University of Phnom Penh

© b2utynthebeast / Reddit

2. Same fingers, just with 2 new tattoos

3. Our dog’s paw looks like a mini-version of him

4. Triple chocolate crepe with strawberries

© drdessertlover / Reddit

5.This accident-proof garbage disposal switch


6. This “leather” jacket my uncle carved out of wood

© ErikJR37 / Reddit

7.“When they ask if there’s much wind where we live…”

© Zevediah / Reddit

8. “My cat’s balancing act”

© fcbRNkat / Reddit

9. “A bit of toothpaste that looks like a baby monkey is holding onto

my toothbrush”

© SkyKing015 / Reddit

10. “Infinity table I made”

© Casthhvdrt36 / Reddit

11. This rock looks like it’s wrapped up in chains.

© ericzoltz / Reddit

12. “The concrete wall across the street looks like a body of water”

© nguava / Reddit

13. Snake stockings

© mujhair / Reddit

14. This furniture looks just like Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc.

© Teggert / Reddit

15. “I snapped this photo of a cardinal jumping and it looks like he’s floating.”

© theprideofVPI

16. This leaf looks like it could have been made from wood

© literal_reply_guy

17. “My dog looks like she’s a floating head.”


18. The shadow left the snow on the roof untouched