Marvel Comic Book Characters Unleashed Through Amazing Body Painting Transformations

For the fan looking to have a good time, this kind if body art should be right up your alley. With bold strokes of colour and a fantastic drawing capability, artist Lianne Moseley is bringing those beloved comic book characters to life in accurate and incredible body painting that is shocking everyone from around the globe. Her photos have gone viral around the internet and many fans of the characters are calling her one of the world’s best recreations. While she  is careful to make the big name characters that we all know and love from recent revivals and remakes, it’s also nice to see that she takes the time to consider the smaller characters that may not be as well known. This brings the comic to a forefront that is much more sincere and believable, even for those who are not fans themselves. Art that is this beautiful and realistic makes anything come to life and is getting all of the attention that it deserves. Keep an eye out for new photos!


2Photo credit: Neil Zeller Photography

3Photo credit: Lianne Moseley

4Photo credit: Neil Zeller Photography

5Photo credit: Steve Osmond Photography

6Photo credit: Steve Osmond Photography