Meet The Man Who Continues To Rescue Animals And Lives Wonderfully!

Lee Asher, a guy from Los Angeles, is a passionate pet lover. He now has 9 rescue animals and he always wanted a house filled with rescued animals when he got older and as per Asher, he had always imagined doing the same. He runs a finance company and ever since he was a kid, he has been helping animals and till date, he has managed to rescue 16 animals!

When Asher was a kid, he would visit different animal shelters, volunteer and learn more. He started to foster dogs when he entered college and helped them find loving homes.

He is inspired from the fact that he rescues lives and allows people to have a pet in their lives! Asher now owns seven dogs and two cats, which makes his life entertaining and filled with laughter

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Lee Asher is a guy from LA with a wonderful family of pets.

He always hoped to have more pets when he was older.

Right from childhood, he always wanted pets by his side.

Asher spent a lot of time as a child to learn more about rescuing pets.

With 16 pets by his side, he is delighted to have such a beautiful place!