22-Year-Old Man With Sleep Paralysis Recreates His Nightmares In Photos, And It’s Terrifying

Nicolas Bruno, a photographer by profession, is similar to us during the day time. However, the nights are really different for him as he has a sleep paralysis since the past 7 years. With this condition, he experiences more nightmares than an average person.

It is a condition that exhibits itself just before the rapid eye movement (REM) of sleep and the bodies paralyze to stop acting on our dreams. However, Bruno’s mind experiences horrific hallucinations, which leads to depression and insomnia. He initially was of the impression that he was possessed by demons.

In the form of lifesaver came his teacher, who suggested that he should start documenting whatever he experiences in his dreams. Due to this, he was able to feel better about himself and slowly, life started to improve. It also helped him develop his art, while helping him to deal with nightmares. Creepy story, isn’t it? Look at photos below and feel free to share it with your friends.

More info: nicolasbrunophotography.com | FacebookInstagram (h/t: cnn, lostateminor)