Rescued Moose Comes Back Every Day To Visit The Guy Who Saved Her

“I’m her world now and she is mine.”

We all love baby animals and the cute stories that surrounds them.  This is a great one for you about Erikas Pluscas and his pet moose, Emma.  He found her hanging around the perimeter of his fence one day and it was clear that she was alone and terrified.  He got her to calm down and relax and got her to safety in his backyard.  He contacted all of the proper authorities in Lithuania and they all told him that the only option was to sell her to hunters, which would surely get her killed when she was old enough to eat.

So, he cared for Emma himself and she quickly grew up into a beautiful young moose that, while she was still scared of everything, trusted her dad.  Erikas did his part to keep her wild, taking her into the forest and showing her what she could eat to stay alive, and what was going to be bad for her.  It took her a while to catch onto what was good and what was bad, but she did it openly because she loved her dad.

Eventually, she even started to go into the forest on her own, and Erikas knew that he was helping her get her roots back.  Then came the day when she went to the forest and stayed out overnight.  He was terrified, but he knew that this was what she needed to do.

She came back the next day and he was so happy to see her.  This became their daily schedule.  She would go out and live her life but come back each day and visit him, telling her dad hi.  Erikas got worried about someone shooting her like he thought had happened to her mother, so  he had some hunters over and got them to meet Emma.  This changed a lot of their opinions on hunting, and some of them even promised to put down their guns forever,  It seems as though Emma was destined to do great things!

It’s sweet to think that someone can have a great life just because someone took the time to rescue her, but such is the story of Emma and her loving dad Erikas.  Here’s to many more years together!