Stunning Photos That Prove There Are No Animals as Majestic as Owls

Owls are enigmatic birds, by turns mysterious, lovable, or spooky, depending on who you ask.

There are around 200 different owl species.

Burrowing Owls

Gandalf, the Grey by Tanja Brandt on

Over here by David Hemmings on

sunset bird watching in utah by Zach Allia on

Snowy Owl by David Hemmings on

Owls can turn their heads as much as 270 degrees.

owl head

owl head

Unlike most birds, owls make virtually no noise when they fly.

They’re masters of camouflage. 

camouflage owleoiarucasadvancedone

camouflage owlGraham McGeorge

Rare White Owl

harry potter owl

Had no idea owls have such long legs

owl legs

Owl in mid-flight

owl mid-flight

Owl raises a DUCKLING after mistaking its egg for one of her own

owl ducking

owl duckingLaurie Wolf

The World’s Greatest Gallery of Wet Owls



owl hiding from rain