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Magnificent mass of 150,000 birds form dragon shape in the skies while escaping predator

A magnificent mass of birds has been filmed forming an dragon shape in the sky while escaping from predators.

A dark blanket covers the sky as over 150,000 starlings soar through the air at Ripon Racecourse in North Yorkshire.

Videographer Gary Lawson, 47, described the murmuration as a ‘dragon’ as it tore through the sky and at times shrouded the spectators in darkness.

Gary said: “When it starts getting dark you can see the birds, all flocking together, it starts as a couple of thousand dotted around, coming together, and then they create a murmuration.”

“It’s like theatre watching them all come in and feels like classic opera with the crescendo building and building, it’s different every time you go.”

You can follow more of Gary’s work here.

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