Macy’s Wooden Escalators

A bit of retro transportation flair preserved in the world’s largest department store.

macy-wooden-escalatorsThe wooden escalators at Macy’s are almost 100 years old. Mack Male

Macy’s Herald Square is celebrated for a ton of things. It is famous for its artful window displays. It is the site of the “Miracle on 34th Street” and in addition, it is home to the world’s best Santas. The store showcased the retail establishment model, yet maybe the best safeguarded bit of its history, lies appropriately underneath customers’ feet.

At the point, when the lead store experienced gigantic remodels in 2015, it swapped a significant number of its old-world highlights for more present-day accessories. Be that as it may, 20 wooden lifts remained there.

macy-wooden-escalatorsWooden escalators at Macy’s departmant store. PLUSMINUS

macy-wooden-escalatorsA wooden escalator at Macy’s. VICTORGRIGAS

Between 1920 to 1930, Otis Elevator Company made these wooden lifts, which pioneered the apparatus. They’re made of tough oak and fiery remains, wood that is customarily utilized as a part of hardwood flooring. The machinery parts have, generally, been refreshed, and current monitoring measures have been set up.

They may be refreshed consistently, however, the extremely old elevators aren’t going anyplace, in spite of the amount they may squeak.

The replacement procedure has been occurring on a daily basis, with wooden stairs being replaced with metallic ones. Now, only the top 2 floors contain wooden stairs.

macy-wooden-escalatorsMacy’s Herald Square in 1907. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

macy-wooden-escalatorsMacy’s Herald Square in 2007. IAN GRATTON

macy-wooden-escalatorsA wooden escalator at Macy’s. ERIC