Incredible Lofts That Push Boundaries

The word Loft by the dictionary means a room or space directly under the roof of a house or other building used for residential or commercial purposes. Another meaning of the word is a large, open area in a warehouse, factory, or other large building that has been transformed into a living space.

Compact Loft Apartment With High Ceiling Creates Extra Work Space

Loft-69-Apartment-With-High-Ceiling3D studio design by Peter Ang

Stunning Loft

loft designselami.arq

Modern Loft In The Woods, Australia by Sarah Habib Designs

Loft In The Woods

Loft In The Woods

Loft 0210. Durango, Mexico

Loft, mexicogero_bts_cg

A living room in a loft

A living room in a loftbinyanstudios

Loft in Monterrey

Loft in Monterreycanalettos

Industrial Loft in downtown Los Angeles, California by Patrick Ng Studio

Industrial Loft

Loft in Berawa, Indonesia designed by Biombo Architects


Loft Krakow in Poland

Loft Krakow in Poland morakorytowska

Loft 44 is Designed by CASAdesign Interiores in Praia Brava, Brazil


Gorgeous loft designed by Maxim Tsiabus, Max Shpak & Roman Kravchenko


Stunning loft


The Garage Loft by Jacques Lenain Architecte. Lille, France