This Secluded Library In The Woods Is Every Book Lover’s Dream

Many book lovers enjoy going to cafes or public libraries to read books in peace. But how would you like to go to a secluded library that is located in the woods to do this? This type of environment would give you absolute quietness and eliminate all distractions because there is nobody else around. In the state of New York, there is a private library in the woods for this exact purpose. An American company called Studio Padron built the library which has been named Hemmelig Rom. This is a Norwegian name that translates to “secret room.” The library is basically a small black cabin in the woods that is 200 square feet and made mostly of oak. Inside the library, there is a desk, bed, armchair, and a stove that burns wood. The bookshelves of the library are the open gaps that exist between the wooden logs on the walls. This creates the perfect setting for a book reader to snuggle up next to a wood-burning stove at night and read their favorite book.

Hemmelig Rom or “secret room” is a secluded private library in upstate New York


It’s made from oak trees and surrounded by oak trees


The gaps between the oak logs inside form the bookshelves


A wood-burning stove keeps you cozy while you curl up with a novel


Wouldn’t you love to spend a night there?


More info: Studio Padron (h/t)