His Friends Didn’t Believe That His Dog Does This Every Morning… So He Set Up A Hidden Camera.


Once you have a baby, your sleep goes in for a toll and you will never be able to sleep peacefully for a long time then on. It is common that you will have to wake up at wee hours due to the tantrums thrown by the baby. When you have a look at this baby, you will be amazed and understand that the condition of parents happen not only among human babies but also when they have a pet dog.

Meet Lexi, the dog who has a unique way to wake her dad up and you will be amazed looking at the way it wakes its dad up.

Hello dad, Morning!


Did you wake up? Tell me dad!


And it only gets better when you watch the video.

Although it might seem to be irritating when you wake up to this, the face of Lexi will surely make your day and you will definitely wake up with a smile.

Why do you need an alarm when you have Lexi to wake you up in such a loving yet alarming way!