Two Cave Villages on the La Palma Island

Here are two villages with houses embedded in a cliff on La Palma Island, namely Puerto de Puntagorda and Porís de Candelaria.

Puerto de Puntagorda

Puerto de Puntagorda, or Porís de Puntagorda, is an old port on the west coast of La Palma, which is one of the Canary Islands. The port has a peculiar look with houses embedded in the rocky cliff. It is even possible to see only a window or a door showing on the volcanic cliff. These cave houses were once used for fishing or smuggling stores for decades, while the place is now known for its two inlet pools.

Puerto de Puntagorda, La Palma
Puerto de Puntagorda, La Palma

Porís de Candelaria in the Municipality of Tijarafe

Porís de Candelaria is a fishing village that comprises a group of white houses. The construction of these cave dwellings took place 100 years ago, but the place is empty today. The ownership of the houses passes down from one generation to another. However, the new owners generally do not use the place, nor rent them to tourists. It is because the water and electricity usage is communal, so the payment of the bills would be problematic if the village was to be rented.

Porís de Candelaria
Porís de Candelaria La Palma