While On A Hike In The Woods, They Found And Rescued Four Abandoned Kittens

It is common to see animals when people are hiking in the woods. However, what these people did not expect was to run into a litter of kittens.

The couple from Houston was on a trek in Spring Creek Park to take an adventurous hike when they suddenly ran into four abandoned kittens that were totally unexpected. Realizing that they were actually abandoned, they decided to round them up and it was not a tough job for them, as they followed them to the parking lot directly.

The doubts of the kittens being feral were put to rest as they ran to the humans as soon as they spotted them.

Finally, they found a safe place to take a nap without having to worry about anything.

kittengifgif1YouTube / Garzilly

Once the couple took them home, they were treated with fresh food and water.

kittengifgif2YouTube / Garzilly

…plus a bath…

kittengifgif3YouTube / Garzilly

And they were delighted to be inside.

kittengifgif4YouTube / Garzilly

Also, the rescuers were glad that all the cats now belonged to permanent homes.

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