When This Elephant Spots Her Favorite Human, She Comes A Runnin’!

Animals seldom forget people who rescue them and will remember them throughout their lives. This is just another video that proves how animals remember their rescuers. Kham Laa, an elephant of the Thai Elephant Sanctuary who was young, just proved this story again.

The young elephant is a favorite of the reservation employee, Darrick. When the young pachyderm came to the sanctuary, he treated her kindly. Now, the grown up elephant wants to return the favor at all times.

You will be amazed to look at the way how Kham Laa reacts the moment she sees Darrick. Even the mother of Kham Laa is friendly with Darrick and all of them have a jolly time whenever they meet. Have a look at the video and you will be surprised with the sweet moments they spend together.

Kham Laa and the entire family of elephants are taken care by the Save Elephant Foundation based in Thailand. If you want to know more about this foundation, feel free to visit their official website by following the link.