Cow Cries All Night Over Her Missing Calf, Watch The Exact Moment They Are Reunited.

There’s nothing like a cute animal story, and this reunion one between momma cow and her calf is heartbreaking. When rescuers took this mistreated cow away to her new home, they were not aware that she had a young calf. Since the bond between mom and baby is so strong, this distressed mother cried all night long and eventually her rescuers understood the problem. They got her baby and as he was led up to the pen where his mother was, he fainted from stress and exhaustion. Karma, his mother, goes berserk in trying to reach him, and rescuers are able to coax him into the pen where he collapses once more, to be soothed into eating by his relieved and worried mother. It’s truly inspiring to see how deeply Karma cares about her little baby, and that he is her only priority in life. It gives us a lesson on how motherhood should be in all situations. Not to mention the adorable video to go along with that message.