Karl Lagerfeld Designed an Elegant Chest of Art Supplies to Celebrate a Love of Drawing

Karl Lagerfeld, a popular fashion designer, has designed something new that is not related to clothing in any way. He has worked together with Faber-Castell; which is the world pioneer in manufacturing of pencils and they provided with a limited edition supply of pencils. It is marketed as the Karlbox and has over 350 tools that are mainly used for drawing and painting. In terms of appearance, it looks highly similar to a Chinese wedding chest and as it is limited edition, only 2,500 of them have been produced till date. There are about 120 Albercht Durer watercolor pencils, 60 Pitt Artist Pens Brush, 12 Castell 9000 graphite pencils etc. making it a must have among artists. You can lay your hands on a Karlbox from any Faber-Castell stores or Karl Lagerfeld boutiques. However, owning this fancy chest is not easy on your pocket, as it comes with a price tag of $3,000.







Karl Lagerfeld: Website | Facebook | Instagram via [Hello Giggles]