Cop’s Confused By Dog Walking Alone, Then Sees A Frozen Woman In Pajamas Slumped Over On Porch


Police officer Jeff Gonzalez was doing his rounds in a small town located in Wisconsin when he noticed something strange. A black Labrador was running around the street unattended, so when he drove up to investigate the pup starting barking to get his attention.

After getting out of the car he got hold of the dog, which was named John Boy, to see what was wrong. John Boy then frantically led Gonzalez up the street to nearby home where his owner had passed out on the porch.

With freezing temperatures, owner Krystal was unresponsive, slumped over and still had her pyjamas on. As she was freezing cold and her lips had turned blue, Gonzalez feared the worst -she had frozen to death on her own front porch.

Thankfully, she survived after being taken to a nearby hospital, where the police officer discovered she had a heart condition that caused the collapse, and that she had been outside and unconscious for an hour!

After making a full recovery, Krystal couldn’t wait to be reunited with John Boy and thank officer Gonzalez. Check out the video and see the emotional moment where Krystal meets the man that saved her life!