Jealous Baby Hysterically Cries When Her Parents Kiss Each Other In Front Of Her


We all get jealous, it’s part of being human. Some can deal with it better than others and are able to hide their feelings, but some struggle to hide their emotions – just like one baby girl!

Granted it’s a young baby, so we will have to give her the benefit of the doubt!

The child in question is the Ella, the daughter of Matt Hannekn. Matt had a video that showcased his young daughters jealously in action, and after uploading it to YouTube it would become an internet sensations – and for good reason to!

So, what was the heinous act that Matt did to make his little girl get all upset and start to cry? Kissing his wife instead of her!

The video shows Matt going in to kiss Ella, who is being held by her mother, but instead swoops over to kiss his wife instead. This causes an adorable reaction from baby Ella, whose eyes welled with tears as she starts to cry!

Of course, not to be cruel parents, they both give little Ella a big smooch which gets her smiling again in no time – that is until they kiss each other again!

Check out the video below and try not to smile at the jealous reaction of the baby!