These Incredibly Rare Photos Might Be Your Last Chance To See A Javan Rhino

If you’re interested in endangered animals and how you can help them out, you’ll find that the Javan Rhino photos surfacing slowly are going to be right up your alley.  These incredible photos are the first real ones taken of this critically endangered rhino, and may very well be the last,  Existing only in the wild in numbers of a mere 50 creatures, maximum, these rhinos are teetering on the extinction line.


They live only in the Ujung Kulon National Park and in bush that is so dense, the rhinos were scared off and essentially untraceable in it.  So, photographer Stephen Belcher had the genius idea to capture them on film using water as his medium.

He put himself in a quiet boat and ambled down the murky river in hopes to capture these majestic creatures in the water.  He was successful in capturing a series of impressive and completely HD images that can be shared with the rest of the world that will help raise awareness for their existence and hopeful survival.

By taking photos of these endangered Javan rhinos, Belcher hopes to raise awareness for them and maybe they can help save them before its too late, though the odds are slim, scientists share.  If you want to see these impressive rhinos, now’s your chance.  These photos may be the last oppourtunity you get to see them before they are gone forever, as ancient and forgotten about as the dinosaurs.




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