Hilarious Irish Wolfhounds Photos That Show How Large They Are

1. Anti-Burglar System

Irish Wolfhoundsmajodian

2. Owner And Her Dog Dressed Like Wayne’s World Characters For Halloween

Irish Wolfhoundskatebanaszak

3. My Dog’s Facial Expressions When I Didn’t Turn Towards The Dog Park

Irish WolfhoundsTJNel

4. 17 Days After My Mom Passed From Ovarian Cancer, Her Old Irish Wolfhound Followed In Tow To Be With Her. I Miss Them Both So Much. Dogs Know

Irish WolfhoundsKaldea

5. I Guess I’ll Sleep Over Here…

Irish Wolfhoundsjsep

6. These Two

Irish Wolfhoundswolfgang2242

7. My Grandma And Her Irish Wolfhound From 1974

Irish Wolfhounds-Rin

8. Dachshunds For Balance

Irish Wolfhounds

9. Janine Fell Apart. We Put The Pieces In This Chair

Irish Wolfhoundsmexi_coke

10. Our New Whippet Puppy Sitting With His Friend, An Irish Wolfhound Puppy

Irish Wolfhoundsdanmfc1