Innovation By A Genius Wildlife Biologist: Rich Mason, Is Protecting Animals From Having A Terrible Death!

During summers, the most comfortable thing ever is having a swimming pool in the backyard.

However, it is not the case with the small animals that are present in your backyard and it might prove to be a death trap for them.

Jan Ballard Moher

However, Rich Mason has been the savior for animals due to his wonderful invention, known as the FrogLog.

Levi DeWitt

The idea struck Rich back in 2004 when his friends who had built an in-ground swimming pool in their backyard in Baltimore, told him that there were many frogs dying in their pool.

Rich Mason

Hence, Mason decided to come up with something that would save these little creatures.


He constructed something similar to a life-raft; which could be used by animals to jump to safety.

The FrogLog is an inflatable platform that has a mesh skirt and a weighted pouch so that the device stays on the edge of the pool.

There have been over 68k likes to this innovative device and people from all over the world have been all praises for Mason.

Mason has restored our faith in humanity and this wonderful innovation has been saving the lives of hundreds of frogs!

See the FrogLog in action below:

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