Most Interesting And Impressive Stadiums Around The World

Here are some of the most interesting and impressive stadiums around the world

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

The underground pitch at the Santiago Bernabéu.

They store the pitch there when it isn’t being used and keep it in perfect condition with fully automated air conditioning, irrigation, mowers, and LED lighting.

The Mercedes Benz Stadium, also known as ‘The Benz’, Atlanta, Georgia

interesting stadiums

The village of Henningsvær, Norway. With a population of 510 and probably the coolest football field on earth.

interesting stadiums

Austria’s largest ever art project in Klagenfurt: For Forest
—Wörthersee Football Stadium 

In 2019, a stadium in Austria was the canvas for art curator KlausLittmann’s poignant reflection on the Anthropocene era, an epoch marked by humanity’s reshaping of the natural environment. With 300 trees planted within, Littmann’s installation served as a stark reminder, projecting a future where trees might only exist in confined spaces, experienced as rarities due to humanity’s disregard for ecological balance.

Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada

interesting stadiums

Avicii Arena in Stockholm, Sweden

interesting stadiums

Stadium 974 in Qatar is the first stadium that can be transported and moved to another country to play in. It’s built with 974 shipping containers and is recyclable. The stadium was dismantled after the end of the World Cup 2022

interesting stadiums

Rungrado Stadium, Pyongyang, North Korea

Rungrado Stadium

Eidi Stadium, Faroe Islands

Eidi Stadium

King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah Sports City Stadium

National Stadium in Singapore

National Stadium

Guangdong Olympic Stadium in Guangzhou, China‎

Guangdong Olympic Stadium

Krasnodar Stadium in Krasnodar, Russia

Krasnodar Stadium