Photos of the World’s Most Interesting Cabins, Shacks and Hideaways

Designed by architect Peter Bahouth. LINDSAY APPEL/THE HINTERLAND © GESTALTEN 2016

Mind, Body and Spirit by Atelier D’Architecture Aurélie Barbey. (Photo: Matthieu Salvaing/ The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016)

The interior of a cabin in Nova Scotia, designed by Mackay Lyons Sweetapple Architects. (Photo: James Brittain/ The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016)

A lakeside sauna, by Partisans architects. (Photo: Jonathan Friedman/ The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016)

The Baumhotel Robins Nest, designed by Peter Becker. (Photo: Ana Santl/ The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016)

 A cabin in the Italian mountains, designed by EV + A Lab. (Photo: Marcello Mariana/ The Hinterland© Gestalten 2016) 

 Inside the cabin. (Photo: Marcello Mariana/ The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016)

An elevated cabin observatory in Latvia, designed by RTU International Summer School. (Photo: Kaspars Kursiss/ The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016)   

A cabin in Hungary, by T2.A Architects. (Photo: Zsolt Batar/ The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016)

A hideaway on a Danish island, designed by Lumo Arkitekter. (Photo: Jesper Balleby/ The Hinterland © Gestalten 2016)

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