30 Pics Of Innocent Things Looking Like So Scary For A Second

11. Scared The Hell Out Of Me When He Moved

innocent thingsNundee

12. Emergency Light In The Hallway Scared The Hell Out Of Me Earlier. Meet The New Source Of My Nightmares


13. Son Woke Us Up Around 3 AM To Tell Us Some Guy Was On Our Porch With A Stick

innocent thingsthebeesremain

14. My Grandma Taking A Nap. Scared The Hell Out Of Me At First

innocent thingsjoeltrane

15. That Spooked The Hell Out Of Me


16. My Aunt Got Her Dog Groomed. The Groomer Only Has Half Of His Right Arm. It Looks Like He’s Elbow Deep Into The Dog, And It Freaked Me Out When I First Saw The Picture


17. These Bacon Slices Look Like An Evil Clown…


18. My Cousin Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night, Randomly Looked At The Baby Monitor And Saw This. She Said It Scared The Hell Out Of Her


19. I Bought My Wife (Who’s A Professional Photographer) A Thermos In The Shape Of A Camera Lens. It Always Gives Me A Mini Heart Attack When I See It Like This


20. I Didn’t Realize My Wife Left The Kids’ Presents In The Car Until I Checked The Rear-View Mirror