‘Incredibly Venomous’ Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake Seen in California for 1st Time in 30 Years

For those living in this beautiful, sunshine-filled state, the idea that a highly venomous sea snake has been spotted close to home may terrify many and lead them to pack up their homes to move to the Arctic. Scientists urge that residents have nothing to fear from this “threat”, though, as it was washed ashore during El Niño’s appearance in the waters recently. This snake typically lives in tropical locations that are home to many kinds of venomous animals. This recent siting has many fearful that the snake will frequent the beaches near our homes, but this is not the case. Since it was washed ashore, it has died or washed back out sea with the tide.

That being said, scientists advise the public to keep its distance from the snake upon seeing it, as its venom is some of the most dangerous in the world. The resident is advised to take photos and send those with location details to wildlife control. While the public’s fear is natural and understood, it’s also cast a vote in the idea that global warming may cause more of these creatures to make their way to our beaches. (h/t: ktla)

incredibly venomous snake

incredibly venomous snake

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