This man has carved his own orchestra of instruments – and they are made almost entirely from ice!

Tim Linhart has spent more than 20 years meticulously carving various musical instruments, it just so happens that these instruments mainly consist of ice!

After first carving out an instrument from ice when sitting atop a mountain, Linhart discovered a newfound passion that hasn’t diminished over time.

In fact, he was so enthused by the concept of sculpting a host of instruments from ice that he has created an orchestra of his own and an igloo chamber hall for them to perform in!

Visitors of Lulea, Sweden can now enjoy a very unique musical performance, with every note being played from percussion and string instruments made mostly from ice.

He did encounter some issues with the ice-based instruments however, as it turns out they detune at a fast rate due to the melting ice, which is caused by the body heat emanating from the musicians and audience in attendance.

Linhart wasn’t deterred mind you, instead taking the time to carefully craft a venting system that allows the igloo to filter out all of the excess body heat, ensuring that the instruments don’t lose their tuning.

Now, guests can revel in the wonderful performances from one of the coolest orchestras in the world today!