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Every morning, this husky eagerly waits for these foster kittens to get unleashed

Lilo the husky loves kittens!

“Our morning routine! Our foster kittens sleep in a playpen at night so they don’t get into any mischief, but Lilo and Rosie always greet them every morning! Fudge, Mint, and Waffle are still up for adoption! Please visit @minicattown for more info! . .

Disclaimer: We do not leave our fosters and Huskies unsupervised together! We know Lilo only wants to play, but she is A LOT bigger than them and she does knock them down sometimes. Huskies in general are known for their intense prey drive, so even though this is very adorable, we still do not leave huskies and kittens together unsupervised!,” @lilothehusky shared on Instagram.

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