Hundreds Of Baby Chicks Hatch From Thrown-Away Eggs

In the town of Marneuli in Georgia at the dump from a local poultry farm, the eggs hatched hundreds of Chicks.

The company’s administration threw away the expired eggs, believing that they are spoiled. A few days later on the territory of a dump running hundreds of chickens.

The mayor of Marneuli Temur Abazov said that the locals took all the chickens home.

“They thought that the eggs ruined. In the end, they were in a rocky place, where it is always warm. These eggs were kept in conditions similar to roost. Accordingly, many chickens survived,” he explained.

User Facebook Sahib Aslanov has published on his page a video with a running junkyard chicken.

Marneuli is a small town about 30 km away from Georgian capital of Tbilisi. Marneuli is mainly settled with ethnic Azeris.

(h/t: rt)