Human Foods You Should Not Give Your Cat

We all just want our kitty cats to be safe, happy, and healthy. This is especially true when it comes down to what goes inside of our cat’s bodies. Most of our cats live on a healthy diet of dry food kibble that is made for cats. Some people choose wet food, but it depends on what your Veterinarian tells you really. While cats should not have human food, we all know that most of us are guilty of sneaking our kitty cats a small piece of cheese or bread. Today we will be talking about the types of human foods that you should never give to your cat.

cat on table food


The first food that your cat should never have is alcohol. This should be a given and most people with common sense know this. When it comes to alcohol it may be fun and even tasty to us humans, but so much as a tablespoon of any alcohol can lead to problems for your kitty cat. Alcohol can very easily cause severe liver damage to your beloved feline. Giving alcohol to your cat can also lead to severe brain damage. If you have a cat and keep alcohol in your home you should always keep your bottles and such out of reach and in a closed cabinet or in your fridge.

cat alcohol


The next food item on our list that you should never give to your cat is the ever rich and delicious chocolate. As humans adore this sweet and decadent dessert whether it is milk, white, or dark chocolate but you should never give your cat any chocolate under any circumstances. Chocolate has theobromine in it. Theobromine is found in concentrated amounts in dark and unsweetened chocolate but can be found in all forms. The tiniest amount of sweet treats can cause many problems for your cat when it comes to their health. These problems include, but are not limited to, heart problems, muscle tremors, seizures, and much more.

chocolate cat


Chocolate is a food that spills into our next human food that cats cannot have. That food is caffeine which is found in coffee, energy drinks, teas, and even chocolate. Human bodies are usually able to withstand the effects of coffee were as a cute little kitty cat cannot. Caffeine is very powerful and is even considered a highly addictive drug even though it is illegal. Giving anything to your cat that has caffeine in it is awful and can cause a lot of potentially serious issues for your cat health-wise. Your cat could suffer from rapid breathing, heart palpitations, and even muscle tremors.

cat cup coffee beans

Raw Meats, Raw Eggs, Raw Fish

These next few food items on our list may come as a slight shock to some, but to others maybe not so much. Raw meats, raw eggs, raw fish, and trimmings of fat are all awful things that you should never give your cat. Cats may eat similar things in the wild, but your sweet feline friend that is completely domestic cannot handle this type of diet. Domesticated kitty cats need to eat a diet primarily comprised of dry kibble with a high-protein count. Cats are strict carnivores so they get little to no nutritional value from fruits and vegetables even though they can make great substitute treats. This is great for your cat’s teeth and overall health. Feeding your cat any of those items can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even pancreatitis. There is also a major risk of salmonella and E. coli poisoning as well.

cat fishbone

Onion and Garlic

The last foods that we will be discussing are onions and garlic. Onions and garlic are two aromatic ingredients that most humans use for cooking purposes. They give off wonderful flavors, colors, and smells for us, but they are not good in any way for our furry felines. All members of the onion family are off-limits to cats. Now let us say that your cat got to a bit of sauce that you accidentally dropped on the ground, most likely your cat will be fine. If either of these items is eaten in a sufficient amount though it could cause digestive upset and could even cause anemia.

onion garlic cat

Our cats are very important to us and we all want nothing but the absolute best for them. One thing that you should always do is talk to your veterinarian about the food that your cat should and should not have. They can also help you set up a great eating schedule and diet for your cat. You should also do your own research on this topic as we did not discuss all of the foods that your cat cannot have in this piece.

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