How Do You Craft a Truly Modern Bedroom?

What’s the key to creating a great modern bedroom? Well the essence of modern design, whether for a vast office block in the center of town or a highly individualized bedroom, all comes down to balance. This means focusing on the three elements of function, style and technology, and then bringing all of these together to form a harmonious whole.


First and foremost, the modern bedroom design has to respond to the conditions of modern life. Put simply, it has to strike the balance between looking great and being really practical. For the majority today the era of a vast staff to attend to the home is over, which means that a bedroom has to be easy for the individual resident to maintain. In practical terms this boils down to avoiding anything that presents major difficulties for cleaning, being capable of taking a little wear and tear, and being able to work around a busy lifestyle. Take the bed for instance- the centerpiece of any bedroom. A bed needs to be equipped with the kind of mattress you find in places like Bedstar that will actually facilitate that all-important recuperative sleep we’re finding out so much about these days with all the research that’s currently going into sleep hygiene. At the same time though, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Great mattress deals are all well and good but the aesthetic side needs careful consideration too as apart from anything the psychologically uplifting effect of living amongst beauty is considerable.



Whilst being functional is important, much in this vein (which hails from Modernism) will emphasize form and try to get away from ornamentation. What we’re finding now though is a return to an appreciation of ornamentation. This merges nicely with, perhaps is indeed a product of, a general outlook which centers on self-awareness, playfulness and a considerable degree of irony concerning style. We tend these days to transcend our particular time. In essence this means that eclecticism is becoming the norm. A great exemplar of this would be a figure such as Ashley Hicks. Continuing the work of his world renowned father David Hicks, he illustrates the way in which styles across history can be incorporated into modern life. The beauty of a Regency arm chair can sit comfortably alongside an occasional table from the 1960s and cushions in a brand new pattern fresh for 2018.



Love it or loathe it, technology is an indispensable part of modern life. There are ways of incorporating a television into the bedroom without straying into vulgarity and all manner of nifty gizmos that can and should have a place in any home. Of course the general eclecticism just mentioned makes it easier to incorporate objects like an Amazon Echo with its Sci-Fi aesthetic into a living space. We’re accustomed to that variety so, happily, it doesn’t jar on us.