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This Horse Was Starved And Left To Die. But You Will NOT Believe What Happens…

There are videos all over the internet of animals being rescued from sure death by people who have a heart bigger for animals than all of us combined.  This beautiful young horse was one of those victims who was dropped off at a rescue center and left for dead.  He was four years old and severely underweight.  His ribs and spine were completely showing and he could barely stand up after two weeks being supported by a sling.  Slowly, he got his strength back, and the battle then became struggling to trust humans again.

Animals that are abused such as these are often hard to retrain, as they go through trauma that we can ever totally understand.  It’s nice to see that this blessed creature is learning to get back on his own feet, though, and recover from the horrific past he suffered.  At only four years old, he has a long life to live, and it ‘ll be nice to see what he makes of it, now that he’s got a second chance.  It’s sad to think that there are so many more animals that don’t get the help they need, but at least this little guy asa fighting chance to make a life for himself with new owners that will love him and take care of him in the proper way.