They Found This Abandoned Horse Dying In A Ditch — But How She Looks Now Is Incredible!


We still do not get it how people can be cruel towards animals. While most of us love all the animals out there, there are still people who treat the animals without love and care and leave them to die.

The same happened with Polly, a five year old mare, who was along with two other horses that were deserted in a pit to wait for their death. Immediately, rescuers were called in to the scene and they were shocked looking at how they were neglected.

Polly was discovered with two other horses by volunteers of World Horse Trust and she weighed only 700 lbs, whereas the ideal weight should be 1,400 lbs.


As the other two horses were beyond recovery, they had to be put down.


Polly however was a fighter. She made it alive and recovers from the trauma to get back to normal.


Within six months, she gained 350 pounds, making a full recovery.


It’s heartbreaking that Polly had to suffer such neglect and abuse, but we’re happy that she is well on her way to making a full recovery.

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