Group Of Rescue Horses Goes Bonkers Over A Truck Full Of Apples

Is this gorgeous story of horses and apples adorable, or what?  These are rescue horses, ones that are taken from homes where they suffer from neglect and other unspeakable crimes so that they can enjoy a new life full of all sorts of great things.  These horses have seen the worst, so it’s nice to reward these guys with some treats every once in a while.


Thus, the truck of apples.  This drove into the pen with the horses and these curious creatures immediately went in to check it out.


As you can imagine, these guys were thrilled when they saw that they were apples for them to enjoy.


One horse, who knows what he went through, was so cautious that he wouldn’t eat them at first because he thought they were fake.


Before too long, however, they were all enjoying a nibble of the great food that boosted all of their spirits.


All carefully monitored, everyone stayed healthy and happy from start to finish.