Touching Portraits of Homeless People and Their Dog Companions

Forever known as man’s best friend, the bond between a dog and its owner is something truly special. From the highs and lows in life, it is a relationship that is hard to replicate. Dogs provide us with unconditional love and affection, as well as potential protection and general companionship. It should come as little surprise that this bond goes beyond those who live comfortable, stable lives with their dogs – even homeless people see the benefits of having a dog.

Photographer Norah Levien has beautifully captured this relationship between dog and owner, by taking portraits of homeless people with their pet dogs. Despite the conditions that the homeless suffer, the fact they can take the time to provide and care for a dog is heart-warming.

Every dog in the photos looks more than happy to be side by side with their owner, despite the conditions they live in. In fact the dogs look in near perfect conditions, which is a true testament o the care the people have provided even in their circumstances.

Levine Said of her photographs “It’s supposed to feel good when you look at my images. I’m a happy photographer. The subject matter of homelessness it not a happy one, but I wanted to find the joy that existed in the subject matter.”

It truly is a happy sight to see how much love is shared between dog and owner, even in the harshest environments.

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Lynn with Charlie

Homeless People and Dogs

Maggie and Eric with Dixie and Reptar

Homeless People and Dogs

Jessika and Josh with Kendra and Malinko (dogs) and Maya, Fiona, and Garfield (cats)

Homeless People and Dogs

Connor with Super Max

Homeless People and Dogs